Welcome to Entertainment 101,

Considering this is my first blog, I want to make it very apparent to my audience what my purpose is for writing. When it first set in that I would be blogging for the next 180 days or so, I was very conflicted on what I wanted to blog about. I was extremely unsure whether I was mostly interested in one particular topic or several related topics. Being an athlete I was sure that I would somehow incorporate sports into my blogs. Meanwhile, the inner teenage girl came out and I was desperate to write about the latest news in pop culture. I finally decided to include the most interesting categories of pop culture with sports to create an entertainment column.

My initial purpose was just to basically write about the most recent news and how I felt about it. However, after thinking about it I believe that it is incredibly important to not only include my opinion in my blogs but to also include the other sides to the story, and how the current event affects our daily lives.


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