Kennedy vs. Washington: Friday Night Lights

Cedar Rapids Kennedy High School and Cedar Rapids Washington High School have always been longtime school rivals. Every year, weeks before the big football game between both schools, there are always numerous tweets back and forth about who is going to win, etc. This year, Washington was very confident in the outcome of the football game due to last years outcome of the game. Last year, Washington High’s football team was stacked and they proceeded to go undefeated all the way until the state tournament at the UNI Dome in Cedar Falls, Iowa. That being said, they really had no excuse as to why they shouldn’t be so confident in the game this year, I mean they were incredible last year. This year however, the Kennedy Football team was hungry and ready for victory against the Washington Warriors.

Kingston Stadium in Cedar Rapids, Iowa filled up quickly as fans from Kennedy and Washington packed the stands for what would be an incredible game. Both student sections had planned a blackout for the big game and the students were extremely loud and ready for war. The kickoff was about an hour later than planned and as the students sat in the blistering sun, they never failed to support their school. Along with my friends, I sat in the Kennedy student section from the very beginning of the game all up until we were being forced out of Kingston Stadium. When the game eventually began, Kennedy was quick to start and immediately scored the first touchdown of the game. This sent an immense amount of emotion through the student section of Kennedy High School as every student realized, “Holy crap we actually just scored against Wash”. As for the Washington team and student section, you could see that they were frustrated and were going to fight until the very end. Throughout the game, both student sections chanted cheers back and forth to each other, things like, “I believe that we will win” and “We’ve got spirit yes we do, we’ve got spirit how about you!” Although Washington fought hard, Kennedy fought harder. After a series of interceptions, Kennedy proceeded to score touchdowns, making the score 21-16 by halftime. During halftime, the Kennedy student section planned out what we were going to do to get our team rowdy and pumped up. The leaders of our student section communicated to all KHS students by using a whiteboard that said the next cheer we were going to do. The energy immediately escalated and the Kennedy Cougars were more ready than ever. This intense energy seemed to help incredibly because the Cougs later won the game 28-24, upsetting the Washington Warriors.

I have always been a fan of school athletics and supporting my Kennedy Cougars will always be pleasurable. The Kennedy football team showed an incredible amount of integrity and achievement that will be noticed for years to come.


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