Why Are Girls More Prone to ACL Injuries Than Boys?

As I try to answer this, I remember back to my physical therapy days when my therapist told me exactly why girls tend to get more ACL injuries than boys. She said that it is strictly because of the difference in the genetic makeup of girls and boys. Boys were made to be strong so that they could perform heavy duty tasks. Whereas, girls were made to give birth and be stay-at-home mothers, taking care of the family, and performing simple tasks like cooking, laundry, etc. Now that many girls are active in several sports where they are forced to perform strong duties, they lack the knowledge about their bodies and pose a risk to having ACL injuries.

According to The American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons, female athletes who are involved in jumping or pivoting sports/activities are two to ten times more likely to suffer a knee ligament injury like an ACL injury than males involved in the same sports. The orthopaedic surgeons suggest that most ACL injuries occur from noncontact mechanisms, for example, landing from a jump or pivoting while running. These orthopaedic surgeons also found that valgus knee torques and neuromuscular control of the trunk predict ACL injury risk in female athletes with similar levels of sensitivity and specificity. These predictions may be linked, because the lateral positioning of the trunk can create high valgus torques at the knee by both biomechanic and neuromuscular mechanisms. An important result from these injuries can be osteoarthritis, which can develop one to two decades after the injury.

Needless to say, it’s incredibly important that we stay informed on our bodies and the positive and negative affects that can result from being active in particular activities.


One thought on “Why Are Girls More Prone to ACL Injuries Than Boys?

  1. As I have experienced numerous leg injuries through Cross Country, not necessarily ACL ones, it was still interesting to read that girls are more likely to receive such injuries than boys. I had no idea!

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