Frat Boys or Frat… Girls?: This Year’s Halloween Costume Trends

My favorite thing about Halloween is seeing all of the different costumes that everyone wears. This year when I scrolled through my social media feeds, I noticed a tremendous trend: frat boys.

This “frat boy” look is not what most would think- boys dressing as if they were in college and in a fraternity. It is, in fact, the exact opposite. The look itself consists of girls, yes I said girls, wearing long, dress shirts that guys might wear under their suit and tie, spandex, Nike crew socks, and Sperry’s or Converse for shoes. Perhaps, they might even throw on one of their favorite hats and wear it backwards like many guys do.

The costume itself could bring up several questions regarding appropriateness, but I am a firm believer that the many people who participated in this “frat boy” look did it for one of two reasons… 1) They saw it on Pinterest or some other social media site and it caught their attention as a good costume. 2) It seemed like an easy, last minute costume that was affordable for those who didn’t put much thought into what they wanted to be for Halloween. I fully accept and respect others who share their different opinions on the costume, but just as they have their opinion, I have mine, too.

Another similar trend that I saw was the “basketball player” or “baseball player” look that several of my girl classmates participated in. This look is almost exactly the same as the “frat boy” look but instead of wearing dress shirts, the girls wear a jersey of some sort. This particular costume has the ability to raise the same questions as the “frat boy” costume did, but again the likelihood of someone to intentionally wear this costume with an inappropriate purpose is very low.

As a teenager myself, I actually find the “frat boy” look to be cute and something that I would’ve worn had I gone trick-or-treating or to a Halloween party. I fit in with the people who chose the costume as a last minute thing that was easy and affordable, being the procrastinator that I am. Regardless, of the reasoning behind choosing a costume, I agree that it is extraordinarily important to keep in mind the stereotypes and comments that could arise from certain costumes. However, I believe that it is important to be able to dress in whatever speaks to you and I that this relates to the acceptance of others. All in all, Halloween is supposed to be fun and although there are several interesting costumes out there, everyone’s dressed up for the same reason.


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