“It’s all just a little Hocus Pocus…”

Like many other holidays, Halloween seems to come and go in a matter of minutes. Whether we are rushing to the store to get last minute candy for trick-or-treaters or hurrying to get a costume, it goes by too quickly.

Unlike others, this year I spent my Halloween at home enjoying the several “Halloween classics” on ABC Family which included Hocus Pocus, Poltergeist, and many, many more. Hocus Pocus, in particular, has been a favorite movie of mine since I was young so, therefore, I had to watch it multiple times before the night was over. While I watched, I realized how it has remained a Halloween classic for all generations and is becoming a classic for newer generations.

For those who aren’t familiar with the movie, it takes place in 1993 in Salem Massachusetts where teenager Max Dennison and his family recently moved to. Max, his sister Dani, and their new friend Allison explore an abandoned house which presumably is the house of the evil Sanderson sisters. After Allison tells a superstitious story about the Sanderson sisters, Max accidentally frees a coven of the evil witches. With the help of a magical cat, the kids must steal the witches’ spell book to stop them from becoming immortal.

Interestingly enough, there was an article on ABC News a few days ago in which members of the Hocus Pocus cast talked about their experience on the set of the 1993 movie, the relationship they had with each other, and the memories made. Actress, Bette Midler, who played Winifred Sanderson, even mentioned the possibility of Hocus Pocus 2. As this announcement shocked viewers all around the world, Midler added that she has talked to a few of her costars and they were all in agreement to the reunion. However, they told fans that they need to persuade the Disney producers into making the sequel.

Obviously, I am super ecstatic about the possibility of Hocus Pocus 2. I think it would be super cool for the sequel of this clearly popular movie to come out twenty-five years after the original came out. The chance of this movie happening, I believe, is very strong due to the outcome of the first film. However, it raises several questions like… Will it just be like a typical sequel and follow the same plot with the same characters? Or… Will they even bring back all of the characters and actors? And if they don’t bring the same characters back then what would they do to the story line?


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