Now That Halloween’s Over… It’s Christmas Time!

The 2015 Halloween season is officially over and you know what that means…it’s Christmas time! Of course we still have to celebrate Thanksgiving before we can celebrate the world’s favorite holiday, but many are already getting a head start on their Christmas preparation.

After the Halloween movies and TV shows eventually wrapped up on television last night, some channels began playing popular Christmas movies. For example, last night the Hallmark Channel played movies like A Christmas Spirit. Unfortunately, ABC Family’s “25 Days of Christmas” doesn’t begin until mid-December, but this is not stopping countless Christmas lovers from getting in the “Christmas spirit”. As I did my usual scrolling through Twitter last night, I noticed a number of people tweeting things like, “It’s Christmas time!” or “So excited to start watching Christmas movies now that Halloween is over!!” Similar to previous years, we can expect the Christmas classics like Elf, Christmas Vacation, and the Santa Clause movies to be aired several nights throughout the month of December.

Christmas is loved by many all around the world, whether they religiously believe in the holiday or not. Christmas is a time where families get together to express love for one another and celebrate with gifts. As the Christmas season starts to roll around, many start to gather and put together Christmas lists, decorate their houses with lights, Christmas trees, and wreaths, and before you know it the whole city is lit up with Christmas lights.

Christmas is personally my favorite time of year because I love how it brings families and communities together. I also really enjoy seeing everyone “dress up” their houses with indoor accessories and ornaments, as well as outdoor stuff. There is one house in the neighborhood next to mine that goes all out for Christmas. They have an inflatable Santa Clause in a sleigh pulled by reindeer on their roof, tens of thousands of lights, inflatable snowmen, and several other signs and decorations that draw your attention to their house. It’s actually quite breathtaking and you can’t help but wonder how much work went into putting something so spectacular like that together. I have a big love for Christmas movies as well. There is just something about sitting on my comfy couch in warm pajamas with the fireplace on drinking hot chocolate, that makes me so happy.

I find it incredible how so many different people around the world share the same love for Christmas and get so excited for this one month of the year. It’s almost like Christmas is a language; a language that speaks to all of us.


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