What Makes Sports so Popular?

As I sit here on a Sunday night thinking of something to blog about, I notice my dad cheering on his life-long favorite Dallas Cowboys in their game against the Philadelphia Eagles and I can’t help but realize how intense some people are towards sports.

After seeing my dad and several others get very intense with such sports, I can’t help but wonder what makes sports so popular to people. I did some research to see if I could possibly answer the question that now seems to be swarming my head.

Sports draw the largest audiences of any type of programming, and have expanded to fill more time in the schedule and command some of the best technical performances by camera crews and technicians in the medium. Often, when discussing the place of television in society the final, unanswerable statement made that “It’s only entertainment.” Supposedly, common sense tells us that entertainment is something that should relax us, give us pleasure and lack ambiguity. Entertainment is an individual’s taste and for that there is no accounting, but a serious look at light entertainment opens some areas for thought.

It seems that this question is merely unanswerable and raises other similar questions which could lead to a debate over several topics. To me, sports are popular because they allow people to express their competitiveness towards a sport and they allow people to come together to share their love and passion for a sport.

Just as we’ve discovered that common themes and treatments of comedy and variety series fulfill certain needs in the audience, the same holds true of sports. The common elements that entertain us in musical comedy, variety specials, the news, westerns and adventure stories come into play in the sports world, particularly in football.


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