What Veteran’s Day Means to Me

This post is totally off topic to my blog, but incredibly necessary. As Veteran’s Day comes and goes every year, I realize more and more how much I have to be grateful for. Veteran’s Day is a day in which we remember those who have lost their lives fighting for our freedom and to cherish those who have fought and survived.

I owe all my achievements and opportunities to these veterans who have risked their lives and put their lives on the line for my freedom. The bravery and selflessness that they all share is above all anything that I will ever be able to have. The fact that they travel across the world to fight for our country is beyond me, I just can’t even begin to comprehend how they do it! I can’t put into words how incredibly grateful I am for everything they’ve done for our country. People like them make me so, so proud to be an American.

My grandfather was in the Air Force when he was young and my cousin recently hoped to pursue a career in the Air Force. However, my cousin didn’t make it through the intense basic training and was unable to further his career into the Air Force. From the stories that have been shared, basic training itself is ridiculous to go through, let alone being deployed. According to my cousin, basic training is everything you would think it is times one hundred. The leaders of it are INTENSE- and I mean why wouldn’t they be, they’re trying to prepare you for war?! When I think of basic training I think of a small, gated, camp like community where you are isolated from anyone and everyone. In basic training you don’t have fun; it’s straight and simple. If you can’t adapt to the harsh conditions in basic training then they send you packing and you are forced to withdraw from the program, which is what happened to my cousin. I think there are many reasons why people would choose to go into the armed forces, whether it be to find themselves or to show extreme patriotism for their country. For my cousin’s sake, going into the Air Force was supposed to be a way for him to find himself.

Again, there is no way that I would ever be able to go into the armed forces. I definitely don’t have the strength, mentally or physically, the bravery, and the wisdom needed to endure such unbelievable situations. I admire all veterans and the work they do for us Americans, and I hope people continue to aspire to be as half the person that these veterans are.


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