Unusual Movie Themes

I spent my Sunday afternoon watching movies on the Lifetime TV network and I noticed something particularly interesting that hadn’t crossed my mind before. While enjoying my relaxing Sunday afternoon, I noticed that every single one of the movies I was watching had similar story lines. I kid you not, every single one of the movies started off with a happy family, someone disappearing, and then the father becoming the bad guy due to an affair of some sort. I also noticed that all of the movies had similar titles to them, which just really seemed strange. These titles included: A Wife’s Nightmare and A Mother Betrayed which seem related in itself. These similarities made me question whether the Lifetime network itself focuses on showing similar movies that aren’t extremely popular, but get enough viewer footage to be successful or what. These similarities also made me think back to other channels that I’ve watched movies on and if they also played movies with similar story lines, and as far as I’m concerned, I can’t think of any other network that does what Lifetime does.

I believe that it is actually a relatively good thing for Lifetime to play shows that have similar plot lines because then they can guarantee that viewers will tune in to watch the movies of their interest. However, I don’t think that networks like Lifetime should do this all of the time because then, of course, it would get boring and they would lose viewer interest.

Although the movies were of the same type of plot line, all of the movies were extremely enjoyable and hooked me immediately. Yeah, they weren’t spectacularly portrayed and yeah, they could’ve hired better actors, but for being on TV as opposed to in movie theaters, they were really good!


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