Justin Bieber’s Purpose


Justin Bieber’s new album, Purpose, is what critics call a deliberate act of repositioning. What does this mean? Well… if you know anything about Justin Bieber then you know that he has been down a pretty bumpy road this past year.

Purpose has proceeded to (like many of Bieber’s other albums) take over charts all over the world. Bieber’s vision of this sense of “purpose” has attracted millions of fans around the world. In fact, it was recently noted that Purpose is Justin Bieber’s sixth number one album on the Billboard200. However, Purpose holds a wide range of difference compared to Bieber’s other albums. The songs on Purpose have a similarly inanimate feeling, they seem to radiate more than they move. In previous albums, Bieber’s voice often resembles a breath contorted inexpressively through notes whereas in Purpose he lets it weightlessly fall through textures and it fluctuates through animated throbs. For its part, Bieber’s new album mostly suggests that Justin’s idea of “adulthood” is the ability to convey pettiness without emotional intelligence. In a new single “Love Yourself”, Bieber sings, “If you like the way you look that much/Baby, you should go and love yourself.” According to Pitchfork, lyrically, it’s needlessly mean, neither funny nor clever, and it doesn’t do much to justify the severity of its perspective.

To me, Justin Bieber’s new album is somewhat his way of recovery and reassurance to all the recent bad things that he’s gone through our the poor decisions that he’s made. I mean if you just look at the song titles, they sound apologetic and like he is trying to take responsibility for the poor things he’s done… some of the songs are:

  • “What Do You Mean?”
  • “Sorry”
  • “Love Yourself”
  • “Mark My Words”
  • “I’ll Show You”
  • “No Pressure”
  • “Life is Worth Living”

OK… if you think about the name of the album (Purpose) and then incorporate these songs titles into it… it naturally just seems apologetic and full of sorrow.

Whatever the intention was, Bieber’s album is doing wonders. Fans around the world, including myself, refer to the new album as “fire”; it’s so good that it’s out of this world. All over social media there are constant tweets about the new album being “Justin Bieber’s best” and even several short videos of Bieber performing such songs and fans clearly going insane for his work. I can’t put into words how incredible and true this new album is (I know true is a weird word to use to describe an album, but trust me… it’s true). You can’t help but relate to the lyrics and feel for Justin as he truly is trying to make things better.


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