Fight, fight, fight for Iowa!

The Iowa Hawkeye’s football team has done some spectacular things in the 2015-2016 season. From going undefeated for the first time since 1922 to making it to the Big Ten Championship game, it has been nothing but pure success for the Hawkeyes. But it doesn’t stop there… It has just been released that the Iowa Hawkeyes will be playing in the Rose Bowl on New Year’s Day!

The Rose Bowl Game has been a college football legacy since 1902 and since then has been home to 19 Heisman Trophy winners, produced 29 national champions, featured 208 consensus All-Americans and honored 113 college football legends by inducting them into the Rose Bowl Hall of Fame.

The 5th ranked Iowa Hawkeyes will be playing in the Rose Bowl for the first time since 1991. The bowl selected Iowa following a 12-1 season, with the only loss coming in the final seconds to 3rd ranked Michigan State in the Big Ten Championship game.

Being a die-hard Hawkeye fan myself, it was hard to see the Hawks get defeated by the Michigan State Spartans in the last few seconds of the Big Ten Championship Game.  They have worked so hard all season, proving everyone wrong by all of their accomplishments this year. They truly deserved to win the championship, but apparently there were other plans in store for them.

The announcement of the Hawkeyes playing in the Rose Bowl is every Hawkeye fan’s dream. The Rose Bowl is like the best of the best for college football and if you are chosen to play in it, then you are very special. The fact that Iowa gets to play in the Rose Bowl is so incredible not only for the team itself and their history, but also for the reputation of Iowa in general. The Iowa Hawkeyes have only made it to the Rose Bowl four times in its entirety; the last time being defeated by Washington in 1991. It is especially incredible to play in the Rose Bowl, but I can’t even imagine if Iowa won the Rose Bowl. Iowa football hasn’t been known as “oh that one really good team” in a very long time, so if they were to win it would prove that Iowa IS good, and not just “another college football team”. I seriously cannot begin to describe how proud I am of the Hawks and their incredible season, but I am even more proud that they were chosen at heart to play in the Rose Bowl.


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