The Magic of Humor

If you’re anything like me, to end my day on a high note, I need a little bit of humor. Every night before I go to bed I try to get on the social media app known as Vine, and watch a handful of six second long videos that make me laugh hysterically. To be honest, it might be the best part of my day. I could be having the crappiest day ever and it all could change in LITERALLY a matter of six seconds.

On vine there is a wide variety of videos that you’ll see. My least favorite ones are when the people straight up try to act something out to make you laugh and it just looks flat out stupid. Harsh words, I’m aware, but for real… like don’t try so hard and maybe it’ll actually be funny! To me, the best videos and the ones that have me nearly in tears, are the “stupid humor” ones like for example, when people are dancing on a chair and the chair tips over, which sends them flying (figuratively, not literally) into the air and violently hit the ground. There are also ones where you’d think the person was a professional comedian because they come up with little catch phrases that you would’ve never even thought of in a million years!

However, my all time favorite vine is one I admit to watching far too many times. I think all people can relate to this vine on a daily basis… I know I can (this little girl is literally me every day at school… Sorry Dr. Ayers, it’s true).



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