Colorama: A Creative Haven

The Colorama Coloring Book, the new and improved way for people to enjoy the wonderful works of art while focusing on relaxation, is indeed a “creative haven”. The new product is a coloring book featuring over 100 exquisite and captivating designs, full of twists and turns, repeated forms, and complicated patterns that all commonly help relieve stress. Many of the images are straight from nature as in “daffodil dream, lotus lights, and holly wheels” and are drawing in many buyers around the world.

I never knew coloring could be so soothing! After a surgery I had this past month, a family member brought me a Colorama Coloring Book. The simple, yet beautiful designs are powerful and for a while made me forget I was even in the hospital, it put me in a different, more relaxing state of mind.

-Janine F. – Conway, AR

After a long day of work I looks so forward to coming home to my Colorama Book. Being a mother means I’m always moving around or doing something. Colorama is my only way to escape for a couple of minutes. I can even use Colorama with my daughter, which makes for the perfect Mommy and Me time!


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