Kennedy Pride

As many, if not all, of the members of the Kennedy Community are aware of the extremely successful football season, many are tuning in to the recently published announcement of the Football Player of the Year and Football Coach of the Year. Kennedy has had an immense amount of success this year and are now incredibly lucky and fortunate to have recipients of not only one of the awards mentioned, but BOTH representing the community.

The Gazette shared on December 13, 2015, that senior Shaun Beyer has received Player of the Year and Coach, Brian White, has received Coach of the Year. The honor for both Kennedy recipients is tremendous and as a member of the Kennedy family, I can say that all of Kennedy is so, so incredibly proud of each individual. For one, Beyer, ran the team and was noted as, “One of the best football players in Kennedy history”. He led the team with compassion, determination, and fight; not one time was he willing to settle for less than what the team deserved. Now, I’m sure so many other people that actually know Shaun personally could say a billion positive things about him. However, I don’t know him too well, and that doesn’t matter. You can just tell that he means well and loves what he does. The Kennedy fam cannot congratulate Shaun enough for all that he has done and for his lifelong dream to play for the Iowa Hawkeyes on coming true. As for Coach White, I also do not know him personally, but I have heard absolutely nothing but great things about him. “Great teacher, phenomenal coach, and an even better person.” I’ve only known Coach White as the US History teacher at Kennedy High School and when asking classmates what they think of him I always heard, “He teaches you history and all in a fun way, but better yet, he teaches you lessons about life that know one else could teach.” I believe this 150% due to the “family” theme that he reiterated throughout the Kennedy Football team, and how powerful that message was not only for the team but for him as well. The same goes for Coach White in the sense that Kennedy High School is extremely proud of the successes he’s had this year and the messages he has portrayed school-wide and0 state-wide.

I’ve said it a gazillion times, but I can’t put into words how special these two individuals are and have been for the Kennedy community and for my high school experience itself. They have proved to other schools in Iowa what Kennedy High School is all about and why we are the #1 school in the state. Shaun and Coach White should be tremendously proud of themselves and know that the Kennedy community can’t wait to see what the future holds for them! I personally thank them for making my high school experience such a blast- I know, I know I’m getting deep- because without their successes our football games wouldn’t have been as memorable.



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