Humor (Vine) Saves the Day… Again

I previously published a blog post about the very popular app known as Vine. In my post I discussed the importance of incorporating a little humor into my day. In particular, I mentioned how I like to watch little six second videos (from Vine) every night before I go to bed. I truly believe that this helps me relax and forget about all of my problems that I may have been facing at school… it honestly is the best stress relief that I’ve found so far.

As I have been continuously on Vine, I have of course found some new favorites. One of my new favorites is of a character from Sesame Street talking to this little boy about being happy. He then tells the little boy, “Let me see you when you’re happy.” The look that the little boy makes is PRICELESS. PRICELESS. PRICELESS. He is so cute and adorable you can’t help but just laugh and want to squeeze his cheeks. It makes me so happy watching it!

The clip above is the full-length version of the vine because I could not find the vine version on YouTube, but this is just as good, in fact it might be even better!

Another one of my all time favorite vines is of this little girl getting “traumatized” by the top of a convertible closing while she is still in the car. The description sounds absolutely terrible, but it is so funny- I laugh more and more each time I watch it!!

The way her dad drags on the situation by pretending the hood is some sort of monster just really has me in tears… in a good way. Also, can we please notice the way she puts her hands up like, ‘what did I do to deserve this?! Somebody please help me!!” OK I really shouldn’t be laughing at this because she is actually like scared for her life, but seriously?! IT’S HILARIOUS.

These short clips are probably really lame to most people who don’t find “stupid humor” funny, but like how do you not just laugh hysterically at some of these vines?! It’s really crazy to me how these short videos crack me up so much and I honestly don’t have any idea why they do, but who cares! It makes my day ten times better and that’s all that matters. If you are ever having a bad day and are in need of a laugh, I 10/10 recommend that you go to Vine. You never know what you’re going to see on there, but I can guarantee it will make you laugh!!


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