Why Do Parents Coach From the Sidelines? (Part 2)

Many times parents try to live through their children and set expectations for their kids to take on their own dreams and goals. It’s clear that screaming and yelling from the stands in fact does NOT help an athlete to perform better, but instead causes an immediate distraction and lack of focus. To better understand a parent’s motive behind doing such thing and what they should do in order to change their “sideline coaching”, we can resort to kids sports psychologists.

According to www.kidssportspsychology.com ,  parents should learn to find a balance between being overly involved and not showing enough interest in their kids’ athletics. Parents tend to be overly critical by evaluating their child’s successes or failures based on their performance rather than their happiness. Parents need to instead take a step back and quit expressing enthusiasm by coaching from the sidelines. To help eliminate this poor behavior, try to understand why your child part-takes in sports. For instance, focus of things like: Do they play to be with friends? Or because he/she loves to be part of a team? Or do they enjoy competition? Once you understand your child’s motivations, try to support his or her interests. Make it a priority that he or she has the opportunity to spend time with teammates, to feel like part of a team, AND to have fun; being supportive also means letting children lead the way.

Various sports psychologists state that kids who excel in sports are those who are passionate about it: their drive comes from within–not from their parents.

“They’ll beg you to bat balls in your front yard with them, to rebound while they shoot baskets and to kick a ball in the neighborhood park.”

You don’t ever have to force these kids into practicing for something that they don’t naturally want to do.

From a kid’s perspective, it is among one of the most annoying things ever to have a parent who screams from the stands. Not only does is draw attention to them, but you feel like everyone is judging you because you’re their daughter/son. It is also incredibly annoying because the parents who generally do this the most don’t actually have a clue what they are talking about so they just end up looking like fools. I mean… whatever floats your boat, but you look ridiculous. Plus, why get caught up in kids sports? Like take it to your living room and scream at the TV for God’s sake. So what if your daughter shanked a pass at a volleyball tournament? Who cares if your son missed a free-throw? NEWS FLASH: IT’S NOT THE END OF THE WORLD. I feel bad for the kids who have parents who coach from the sidelines (thank God mine don’t) because if that were me I would want to just run to the bathroom and hide forever. It is so embarrassing, so disrespectful– not only to the coaches, but to the athletes, referees, and other parents and friends watching.

This is definitely a lesson to all parents out there because whether you realize it or not you are more than likely participating (at least a little bit) in these “activities”. Make your kid come first because nothing is worse than when your child feels they aren’t getting any attention from you. Focus on the positive aspect of things: good health, happy family, a safe home… there is so much more to sports that people don’t realize. So, stop freaking out over a missed foul or a bad referee, they’re trying their best.




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