Saying Goodbye

As I wrap up my junior year at Kennedy High School, I am looking back on all of the accomplishments I have made, as well as, how I have matured as a young adult.

It is crazy to think that without AP Lang I wouldn’t have this blog and without this blog, well… I think I’d be less stressed to say the least. As harsh as it sounds, it is true. I have struggled with my blogs since day one and it is all due to the perfectionist in me. I was told to read some of my classmates’ blogs, and although they were mostly fabulous, it made me feel like mine wasn’t good enough. Everyone knows that feeling like something of theirs isn’t good enough sucks, but backing out of it was not the right thing to do. So what’d I do? I continued my blog. However, the school year is ending and so is my blog. I am tired of constantly stressing about having something to write about, when half the time it doesn’t even make sense because my blog is supposed to be about Pop Culture type stuff. Ugh. I am not trying to be negative because my blogs have really helped me develop into a well, matured writer, but they are very hard to prioritize.

I applaud Dr. Ayers for making his students blog regularly because it truly does help. I wish I would’ve taken mine more seriously from the beginning. Well, now that I think about it, it’s not that I didn’t take it seriously it’s that I didn’t quite understand myself enough to blog on a weekly basis. When becoming a blogger, it’s important to understand yourself fully and like I said, I struggled with that. Being a blogger, you are constantly writing about what interests you. In my case, I didn’t really know what I wanted to write about so I just picked something random. However, choosing something random doesn’t work… at all. It turns out, my random topic was too broad and there weren’t many things I could talk about three times a week, every week. PLUS, oh this is a good one, being a blogger you have to devote a lot of your time to your blog. Being able to blog multiple times a week was too hard for me considering all of my extracurricular activities; I ended up doing all of my blogs on Sunday night, which I don’t recommend for future bloggers.

Needless to say, blogging is HARD. It is very hard. It is so hard that it sometimes makes you want to rip your hair out or poke your eyes with needles. In order to be a good blogger, you need to be devoted, inspired, and dedicated. All of which, I was not. I can tell you right now, blogging has a very, very small chance of being in my future. Sorry. 🙂

I have realized that I really don’t enjoy writing, unless it is about something that I am truly passionate about. For example, my book review essay. I LOVED writing that because there were so many different ways that I could’ve gone with my argument and it actually related to everyone (it was about what makes life worth living: check it out on the page called “Book Review Essay”- really clever, I know.).

On a more positive note, I actually really enjoyed AP Lang, besides blogging of course. 🙂 Dr. Ayers is really cool and made the class enjoyable for everyone, except for making me blog (I’m going to keep repeating this… just wait). I developed as a reader, even though the class was mainly focused on writing. I obviously developed as a writer, even though it doesn’t show too well in my blogs, I’ve come a long way.


Now I’m just trying to hit the word count…

It’s been real y’all.

Shout out to my one and only viewer (that’s you Dr. Ayers)!!! You the real MVP.



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